What Triggers Sensitive Skin Flare-ups?

Sensitive skin flare-ups can be triggered in many ways, some completely unexpected. Knowing the sources of these flare-ups can help you alleviate or prevent skin complications, so here are some possible triggers:

1) Ingredients that Irritate

There are certain ingredients that can cause sensitive skin to flare up. Fragrances, dyes and alcohol are top ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin.

2) Staying Out in the Sun

Being in the sun for long periods of time can irritate sensitive skin and dry it out. Avoid being out in the sun for too long and always protect your skin with a broad spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen. The sun is important and uplifting, but ensure that your skin is protected if you do go out in the sun for long periods of time.

3) Long Baths or Showers

Over cleansing your skin strips it of its natural oils. When your skin dries out, the chances of irritation are higher, so keep your showers short and ensure the water is not too hot.

4) Accessories

Some metals and materials can cause reactions in people with sensitive skin. If your skin feels itchy, is red or breaks out in rashes, it is probably allergic to a particular element. If you’re wearing multiple accessories, find out which one is causing the irritation by wearing one piece of jewellery at one time.

Sensitive skin flare-ups are easier to manage if you recognise what the triggers are, so pay close attention to warnings and signs to help you in your journey towards healthier skin.

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