7 Ways to Use Cleansing Wipes

When you’ve had a long day, it’s pretty easy to want to skip the skincare routine and jump straight into bed. We all know how terrible it is for your skin to not get a proper clean every day. Pollution and impurities like makeup can clog your pores and lead to acne breakouts.

This is why we love cleansing wipes. Single-use cloths soaked with facial cleanser are such a great solution. There are lots of ways you can use your cleansing wipes, other than just cleaning your face. Here are 7 ways to use your Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Wipes.

1. Clean your skin after a long day

Of course, the number one reason for using a facial wipe is to clean your skin. It’s great on those nights when you’re too tired to wash your face or when you’re away from home and don’t have access to your normal cleansing products.

What’s the best way to do it? The first step is to gently rub the wipe over your skin in a circular motion. Start at your forehead and make your way across your face. Make sure you’re gentle with sensitive areas like your eyes. If possible, splash your face with water and don’t forget to apply your moisturiser after cleansing.

Some makeup wipes can’t be used daily, but Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Wipes are specially formulated for sensitive skin and can be used every day. They’re pH balanced and they won’t block your pores.

2. Remove makeup

Cleansing wipes are ideal for removing the day’s foundation, powder and even mascara. These makeup remover wipes are formulated to remove impurities and makeup without irritation. Keep gently wiping your skin until there is no makeup residue left — you may need to use a few wipes for heavy makeup.

3. Refreshing your skin when out and about

Although cleansing wipes are usually designed for facial cleaning, they’re also a great option for refreshing yourself when you’ve had a long day.

If you’ve been at the beach all day, you might like to use a cleansing wipe to get rid of sweat and sunscreen residue from your body. You definitely want to use them if you’re heading to the local bar for a sundowner!

Face wipes are particularly useful if you’re on a camping holiday or after a hard workout at the gym and have limited shower facilities. Using cleansing wipes are a great way to remove sweat and feel clean all over.

4. Clean up surfaces

Don’t you hate it when you answer a call and realise you’ve left half your newly applied makeup on the phone? Or when you’ve spilled your coffee and a napkin (and waitstaff) are nowhere in sight? Enter the cleansing wipe. Keep a pack in your handbag so they’re easy to grab when there are any little surface spills.

5. Wiping your child’s hands (and your own)

When your kids are in the infant phase, you’ve always got a packet of baby wipes to hand. On that glorious day when your last child has moved on from nappies, you’re left with finding other ways to clean up spills and wipe down sticky hands. Now is the time to make sure you’ve got facial cleansing wipes in your purse. Then they’re always available for those sticky hand moments.

They’re also pretty convenient for your own sticky hand moments like when you’ve indulged in one of those delicious cakes you’ve had your eye on at the local cafe!

6. Protecting your skin from hair dye

It’s a pretty unfortunate but common side effect of the home hair dye (and it makes it pretty obvious that you haven’t made it in to the salon recently). We all hate it when the excess dye drips down your skin on your forehead and neck.

One easy way to solve this problem is by using a cleansing wipe on the affected areas. Wipe it around your forehead, behind your ears and at the back of your neck, picking up any drips that might have come out of your hair.

7. Remove minor stains

There’s nothing worse than choosing that perfect little black dress or crisp button-up shirt for a night out and accidentally smearing deodorant on it. Or what if you’re out for dinner and you spill a drop of sauce on your favourite jumper. Kind of ruins the vibe, right?

Fortunately, face wipes work perfectly well to remove these stains. Before the stain sets in, grab a facial wipe and dab it on the spot. It won’t remove all stains, but it will certainly give it a helping hand and will hopefully alleviate a fashion disaster!

Don’t forget to throw your Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing wipes into your handbag the next time you head out. You never know when they might unexpectedly come in handy!