Are your hands dry and cracked from frequent washing?

How to prevent dry and cracking skin from handwashing

Read on to learn how to care for your hands. 


Our skin is the body’s largest organ and its main function is to protect our body against external substances and excessive water loss. Washing hands more often and using disinfectants can cause too much moisture to evaporate from your skin, leaving your hands feeling dry. Therefore, it is not surprising that after frequent hand washing and using disinfectant (containing alcohol) your hands may feel dry, which is characterised by irritated, itchy, rough, cracked skin or in bad cases even bleeding.

When your skin is cracked or bleeding you are more prone to infections, as the broken-down skin barrier allows germs and bacteria to invade the skin area. Therefore, after washing your hands it is important to use a moisturiser to nourish your dry skin.

Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream helps return moisture levels in your skin and reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier. Moisturise your hands at least once a day, the cream will absorb quickly and doesn’t feel sticky. The tube is also the ideal size to take with you so that you can top up the moisture levels of your skin on the go.




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